Be Grateful

Two days before Christmas my dad had a stroke. Just that morning we were at my parents’ house making tamales for Christmas Eve. He came into the kitchen ate a breakfast taco with us and said he was going to spend few hours at the casino, but would be back soon. An hour after he left, I went home, as both the toddler and I were in need of a nap. Fifteen minutes into my nap my partner wakes me up in a panic and stated they are taking your dad to the hospital. He was at the casino and his leg went out, he couldn’t move his left side of the body, first words out of my mouth “he is having a stroke”.

When I was just 13 years old, my grandfather had a major stroke that left his left side of his body paralyzed. He also lost his speech. I knew the symptoms of a stroke well and I knew that if my dad survived this, he would most likely not be the same. I rushed to the hospital. I tried to stay calm. Of course, we beat the ambulance there. After what seemed like a lifetime, the guard at the hospital came and told us “your dad has arrived, they are running some test, but you’ll be able to see him in a few”.

Only two family members were allowed to visit. There were nine of us there. My sister and mom went back first. The doctor told them that a CT scan was completed and it showed a brain hemorrhage. They gave him medication to try to stop the bleeding and at that moment, all we could do was wait. I called a few of my coworkers who are nurses and asked to explain to me what would happen. I needed to know what to expect.

After about 30 minutes, it was my turn to see my dad. My dad has always been my rock, my hero. He has always been the strongest in the family. I walked in and saw him and I tried to be strong. When I saw his face, my thoughts automatically went to my grandfather. My dad could not move his left side of his body. I broke down. He told me it would be okay. He would be okay.

I was in the room when the Neurologist came in. He told us that my dad would spend a few days in the ICU and the CT scan would be repeated in the morning. He did a few assessments. Smile. Stick out your tongue. Can you move your hand? Can you move your arm? Wiggle your fingers. Can you move your leg? Can you wiggle your toes? My dad was able to stick his tongue out completely. He was able to move the knee just a bit. The Neurologist seemed pleased. I quickly questioned what the next steps were going to be. I asked if my dad would ever walk again. There was no definite answer. To be continued…..


Dear Fall weather please arrive soon

Living in the Midwest you never know what type of weather you’re going to get. On Tuesday I wrote how much faster my pace was getting and how much stronger I felt. That was not the case for the run I completed later that evening. It was a hot one. The temperature was near 80 degrees and the sun was out in full force. I was looking forward to my run as this past weekend I did not run at all. I went out and ran the first mile at an easy 11 minute per mile. Literally felt easy, but once I got into mile 2 I was a hot mess. My shirt was drenched in sweat, my chest felt tight (I knew my breathing was off), and my nose was constantly runny (new running thing that has been going on lately). During my 2 mile I ran 5 minutes then stopped for 30 second walks. I turned on the trail I was currently on to run down another trail that had more shade. By the time I hit my last mile, I was walking every 3 minutes. I wanted to be done. It was a bad run. I could have turned to run home after my second mile, but I had wrote 3 miles down in my planner, and three miles was what I was going to get in. In the past I would have beat myself up for taking walking breaks. Tuesday as I was nearing the end of the 3rd mile, I was proud of myself. Proud that I completed 3 miles. Proud that I didn’t quit. I could have stayed home and sat on the couch, but I got up, and got it done. I will be much happier though when Fall finally arrives!





Mom Life Nuff Said

It has been a crazy soccer season. My daughter decided that she wanted to play on two teams this year! She is still playing for a traveling soccer team and she started playing for her school team. I forgot that last year we signed her up to play for school. I love that her school still offer sports in fifth grade as many schools in our area do not. I decided to let her play both, plus her school team had just enough players to not have to combine with another school. Watching her I have notice that she is much more comfortable playing for her school team, I think it’s because she knows the girls. She joined traveling soccer as a third grader and most of the girls on that team have been playing together since preschool. She practices 3 times a week and her practices are about 30 minutes from home. Living in a small town in Indiana, that is quite a drive. I’m not sure if she will continue to play for the traveling team next year as she has already said that she may not want to. We shall see.

In toddler news, she’s officially potty trained! For the most part. She has had minor accidents, none at night (knock on wood). As a three year old she is a very strong-willed child and knows what she wants. This past weekend we were away for a soccer tournament and she was upset we had no pool time after checking in. We had to quickly check-in and get back to the fields to play the second game. We were just leaving the hotel and she starts begging for a swim. We promised once we got back we would go and she was fine. A minute later I hear “mommy I have to go potty” really? I knew she didn’t as she had just emptied a full bladder. I asked her to hold it and she cried she really had to go. Once we got to the fields I took her to the restroom and she didn’t go. Life with a toddler!

My running life has been very sporadic, but I am running and doing some other type of physical activity when I don’t go out for a run. My runs have been anywhere from 2-3 runs per week. The days I don’t run I usually just look up a fitness routine on YouTube and do something for at least 30 minutes. With winter quickly approaching I need to get my treadmill fixed. A small band needs replacing. I also need to step up my game and hit the gym. It will be easier once soccer season ends. I tell you mom life. Still wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Weight has remained the same and I’m a little disappointed. I’m not too hard on myself, because I have other gains. My running is much stronger, I can keep a faster pace, and can go more than 3 miles. I can run an easy 5k at 11.5 minutes per mile or I can run a hard 5k at 10.5 minutes per mile. I could probably push myself a bit more if I wanted to. I have realized I need to sign up for a run as those kept me motivated and helped me to stay on track. Maybe a Turkey-Trot? I read so many blogs and had many friends run marathons this past weekend, I was just a tad bit jealous.

img_20181007_133116_350                                   Finalist in the Soccer Tournament. They played hard!


Where have I been?

I cannot believe it’s been two months since I have written something. Summer is keeping me busy, but I’m staying up with exercising. Although exercising has been going pretty good, my nutrition has not been. I’ve tried eating a healthy breakfast and lunch, but once dinner comes around I eat what I feed my family and I’m not going to lie, sometimes its not very healthy. Most of our food is made from scratch, but there are times when I take a shortcut and use premixed sauces, seasonings, etc. My weight has not changed much and it’s pretty discouraging.

I am running 3x per week. I’m stopped the couch to 10k program because even though the first couple of weeks were working for me, I noticed that once the time increased my distance wasn’t really increasing. This week I’m running 3 miles during the week and Saturday I will run 3.5 miles. Next week I’ll start off by running 3.5 miles during the week, and then increase my miles on Saturday by half a mile. I will continue with this plan for a weeks and see how it works.


I have been much more lax with the girls schedule since we are on summer break and I’m working on getting back to a routine. We need to get back to a routine. I have one child falling to sleep at 10 and another at 2 or 3am and sleeping the day away. School here starts soon! I cannot believe that summer has gone by quickly. This summer was pretty relaxed with a few day trips thrown in there. There was no schedule that my oldest had to stick to and it was rough for all of us. I won’t make that mistake again. She did have one week of theatre camp, but she didn’t enjoy it at all. The kids were much more younger than she was, it was geared towards K-5 and most of the participants are K-3rd grade.


My fall goals are as following:

  • continue running 3x per week
  • sign up for a 5k
  • focus on my nutrition
  • log log log, (need to get better at logging my food)
  • get a goodnight’s sleep
  • read
  • reflect

Fingers crossed for a happy, healthy, and fun filled Fall.




33 Years Old

A week ago tomorrow, I turned 33 years old. I cannot believe that 33 years of life have passed. I look back at my life, the good and the bad, and I am happy to say that I am in a good spot right now. Yes, there’s those little curve balls that life throws at you, but I am happy. I have a partner that loves and cares for me. We have a great relationship, he makes me laugh, makes me feel pretty, his love for his family has never faltered. I have two girls that I love much more than anyone could understand. If I’m ever feeling down, I look at them, because it doesn’t matter how much sadness I may be feeling, they can make me smile.
Travis asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year and I requested two new books and time with them. I feel like we live in a world that is way too busy. There’s always something to do. Someone to see. Homework. Housework. I told him I just wanted to spend the day enjoy them. Not having to worry about cooking and cleaning. He planned a trip to a nearby city. Fort Wayne. We stayed one night, which was plenty. We ate at a Brazilian restaurant and walked around downtown a bit. On Sunday we went to the zoo. We have heard great things about Fort Wayne Zoo and knew both girls would love it! We loved it too!
Seeing my family happy was the greatest birthday present!  We went on the Sky Safari(which both Travis and I were completely terrified of), the girls rode a horse, we took a ride through Crocodile Creek on a canoe, feed the giraffes, and touched the sting rays. We were there for 4 hours and while it was hot we avoided all meltdowns. Our littlest almost had fit when she was told her pony Courtney couldn’t come home with her, but quickly got distracted by the next adventure. We all had a great time and we plan on returning in the fall.
After telling Travis what I wanted for my birthday, he said really that’s all. We  both laughed. We have changed so much in the past few years. We used to be a family that would give each other elaborate gifts. Comparing my birthday to previous birthdays with him and the girls, this one by far was the best one! The memories mean much more to all of us than presents. It was a great birthday weekend. Exactly what my heart wanted.
Here’s to turning 33!


Mother’s Day Weekend

The weekend is over. It was an wonderful weekend filled with lots of great memories. It was Mother’s Day and I am lucky to be a mom. However, there was a bit of sadness in my heart, I prayed for those longing to be a mom. I prayed for those who lost a baby. My thoughts were with them and I prayed that they were given the strength to get through this day. I pray that one day they to will be able to celebrate.

Our weekend was busy. My oldest was able to celebrate completing her Girls on the Run program with a 5k. Friday night I looked at the weather and saw that right when we were supposed to start running there was going to be a thunderstorm. I prayed all night and morning that the girls would be able to run their 5k. They had worked extremely hard not to celebrate. As we pulled up to the location of the run, it was cold, rain was on it’s way. As we warmed it we all felt a drop or two. I looked at my daughter and said rain or shine, we are running.

After the warm up we went back to the car to get our ponchos, it had started sprinkling a bit harder. When we got back it was time to line up. The race will still going on, there was no lightening, and it was deemed safe to run. We counted down and would you know, once we crossed the start line, it stopped sprinkling and the sun came out. The weather was perfect. The run was amazing. The streets were lined with cheerleaders, bands, people from the community cheering the girls on. It was a great run and I’m glad I was able to experience it with my daughter.

It has been sometime since I’ve ran a 5k and I was more than happy that my daughter suggested we run 5 minutes and walk 2 minutes. She did great! The run is not timed, but I kept a watch on. I wanted to see how I would do and I came in at under 37 minutes. I didn’t cross the finish line with my daughter and that was okay. She wanted to sprint at the end I couldn’t keep up! That girl makes me proud!


After the run we rushed homed, ate lunch, and were off to her soccer game. The team they were scheduled to play were undefeated. They played a tough game, but lost 0-1. All the girls were proud, they played hard, and lost by one goal. She played her last game of the season on Sunday. I am more than happy to have my life back for a little while.

Both of my girls make me super proud and I spent Mother’s Day weekend spending time with the ones that gave me the privilege of being a Mom. We ran, we laughed, we played games, we danced, we rolled down hills this weekend. It was all I wanted to do this weekend, spend as much time as I could with them. It’s funny, how life changes. I used to be up for nights out, weekend with friends, and now this is how I would rather spend my weekends. The four of us, living life, soaking up each moment. We love our girls. They are our world.











A Household in Training

There’s been a lot of running happening over here. If I were to tell you that my love for running has returned, well I will be lying.  It hasn’t. Most days I don’t look forward to my schedule run, but I get up and go. I know that my love for running will return. Running used to help me keep sane. I’ve said it before and I do believe that my love for running will return. I think right now I’m being to hard on myself. I don’t give myself enough credit for getting out there. When I stop and walk, I think “this is a bad run”. I need to realize that walking breaks during a run does not make it a bad run. Walking breaks during a run will eventually make me stronger. I didn’t run a half marathon over night. It took months of training. I’m training for a 10k right now and I’ve been following the plan for the most part. With the passing of my grandmother, I did take a week of last week, but I’m back on schedule this week. Hoping there’s breaks in the rain so that I can get out and run. I seriously need to get that treadmill of mine fixed.

I’m not the only one training for a run. My 10 year old has been training for her Girls on the Run 5k which is this weekend! She’s excited. She has complete a few 5k’s before but has never really trained for them. She is motivator. I’m hoping that the rain stays away this weekend. Currently the weather is calling for thunderstorms. I’m crossing my fingers that the rain stays away, or their will be thousand of upset girls. If you haven’t heard of Girls on the Run, it’s a program that encourages preteen to live a healthy lifestyle and develop self-respect. Every week there are new lessons, from healthy relationships, physical fitness, nutrition, self-respect, and much much more. I’m glad I let her participate this year. Check out a race in your local area! We used to go out and support the girls and I’m thrilled to be running it this year with my girl.

Until next time!